TR 90™ Multicoax Connector

TR90 Multicoax Connector

The TR90 Multicoax connector is a compression mount, multi-port cable assembly for carrying high speed analog or digital signals. With true 90 GHz performance targeting the design and development of 112G and 224G PAM4 base technologies and a compression mount interface which drives lower total cost of testing by avoiding costly solder down components that can’t be recovered, and encouraging reuse across programs, TR is ideal for designers of cutting edge systems. Designers and manufacturers of optical module, transmission line, switch/routing ASIC, SerDes IP, switch/routing box, datacenter chassis, and AI accelerator products can leverage TR90’s newly designed interface and printed circuit board (PCB) footprint to acheive exceptional signal integrity. Compared to traditional solder down coaxial connectors, TR Multicoax takes up 80% less space on PCBs and is easily re-usable as it can be moved from position to position on PCBs without the need for any surface mount components.

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TR90 Multicoax Connector

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