Chip to Board Connectors

Patented chip-to-board interposer systems from Ardent Concepts are infinitely scalable in height, pitch, and force. We offer both custom and commercial solutions for testing wireless devices, processors, FPGA and other high performance devices.

Land Grid Array (LGA) Connectors and LGA Sockets

Ardent’s spring loaded connectors provide high AC performance and are more cost effective than traditional pogo pin connector solutions. With our patented Spring Probe™ (SP) technology, LGA sockets, connectors, and interposers can be designed quickly at a reasonable cost.

We understand that scheduling is a critical component of project development, and we strive to deliver reliable, high-quality, custom LGA connectors in a timely manner. Our system is designed to meet the needs of customers from 10 to 10,000 units, with numerous custom height and pitch variations available. With contact heights as low as .030”, our connectors can reduce stack ups while maintaining signal integrity.

Universal Ball Grid Array/Land Grid Array (BGA/LGA) Connectors available up to 50x50

In addition to custom connectors, we also offer engineers existing commercial connectors to meet your immediate needs. Our durable multi-GHz BGA and LGA socket solutions offer low loss connection for wireless devices, processors, FPGA and other high performance devices.

The scalability of SP™ LGA connector technology supports next generation solutions that incorporate solderless, high-speed optical Electrical Module replace-ability at 25 Gbps+ speeds. Our high-performance short haul interconnect solutions provide high speed input data rates in cost-effective and real-estate friendly form factors and are specifically designed for chip-to-board applications where signal integrity and board density issues are paramount. Our LGA connectors have undergone extensive testing at 25 Gbps transmission speeds, providing a critically low loss interface between backplane systems and optical transceivers. This enables our customers to push signals out to 100 Gbps at the fiber, without worrying about loss or interference.

We understand that our customers’ needs are constantly evolving and that planning for the future is crucial for their success. Having the ability to upgrade or replace optical modules is a critical consideration, especially for customers building large-scale systems. In the past, this process could be prohibitively expensive and time-consuming, as traditional manufacturing methods often require costly rework to introduce new designs or replace faulty modules. In addition to promoting exponential time and cost savings, our LGA connectors offer unparalleled reliability, speed, and ease of use, supporting our customers’ position at the forefront of an ever-changing technological landscape.