New Configurations Build Upon Amphenol Ardents’ TR Multicoax Series 20/40/70 GHZ Configurations for use in 112G/224G, 5G/6G, and Automotive Radar Applications

Amphenol Ardent Concepts, a pioneering leader in advanced connector solutions, is pleased to introduce a pivotal expansion to the TR Multicoax Series. The newly introduced 8 and 16 channel Right Angle configurations within the TR90 series extend the product line’s versatility, enhancing engineers’ design flexibility. These innovative configurations seamlessly complement the existing 4, 8, and 16 channel straight mount designs, and importantly, they maintain the same mechanical PCB footprint. This holistic approach fortifies the TR90 series, enabling engineers and designers to tailor their solutions with precision to cater to the intricate demands of high-frequency applications, notably in the realms of semiconductor, test & measurement, mobile communication, and automotive radar designs. The new part numbers for the Right Angle configurations can be found below:

• TR90 8 Channel Right Angle: TR90-RA-8X1-2.54-XXWF

• TR90 16 Channel Right Angle: TR90-RA-16X2-2.54-XXWF

The TR Multicoax Series is renowned for its capability to transmit high-speed signals up to 90 GHz, in a completely solderless compression mount form factor, making it the preferred choice for engineers working on E-Band (60 GHz to 90 GHz) applications. Now, with the addition of low-profile Right Angle configurations, Amphenol Ardent Concepts empowers engineers to tackle the unique challenges posed by high-frequency, space-constrained environments.

Key Enhancements:

Low-Profile Right Angle Configurations: The TR90 series now includes low-profile Right Angle configurations in 8 and 16 channel options. The 8 channel Right Angle stands just 9.73mm in height, while the 16 channel version stands at just 11.81mm. These low-profile designs offer significant advantages in space-constrained applications, allowing engineers to optimize layout without sacrificing signal integrity.

Thermal Management and Space Efficiency: For engineers working in environments with stringent thermal management requirements, the TR90 low-profile Right Angle configurations offer a lifeline. They enable the efficient management of high-speed signals under thermal control systems, ensuring reliable performance.

Printed Circuit Board Versatility: Whether designing for semiconductor, 5G/6G, or automotive radar applications, the TR90 Multicoax Series’ low-profile Right Angle configurations provide versatile options compatible with microstrip, coplanar waveguide, and stripline printed circuit board launches.

“The release of low-profile Right Angle configurations in our TR90 Multicoax Series represents a significant advancement for engineers working in high-frequency domains,” said Nat Stevens, Ardent’s Director of Marketing. “This innovation aligns with our commitment to delivering solutions that excel in signal integrity, solderless, compression mount technologies, signal density, and mechanical reliability in challenging environments.”

Engineers seeking to explore the potential of these cutting-edge TR90 Multicoax configurations can visit the for detailed product specifications, application notes, and resources to support their designs.


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